These drawings are from a series of roughly three hundred pen and ink drawings of birds, bats and other animals on rag paper. I’ve drawn the head of each creature alone on a large field of brown paper. I work from photographs in books that cover such topics as raising chickens as pets, breeding birds of prey and field guides. With each drawing, I include the following information: the common and/or latin name of each creature, the exact day the work was executed and a piece of text from the book from which the original image came. The names are included to satisfy the factually curious. The text is a more complex addition. It sometimes provides real information about the animal; more often, the text is so removed from its original context that it can only be read metaphorically. This series functions as an idiosyncratic archive of the animal kingdom and can also be read as a personal journal of my moods.

Each drawing is pen and ink on paper measuring 18 1/2” x 25 1/2.” They were created between 2001 and 2006.